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Olivier Raussin

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at FEBE Ventures

Olivier Raussin is the co-founder and Managing Partner at FEBE Ventures. FEBE, which stands for “For Entrepreneurs, By Entrepreneurs” is an early-stage VC fund with a geographic focus on Vietnam and SEA. FEBE's Partners who have created 30+ companies from scratch, back mission-driven founders providing them with entrepreneurial know-how, experience-based advice in MVP, business development, fundraising, talent acquisition etc

Prior to FEBE, Olivier was a General Partner at Project A Ventures, an operational VC in Europe and Latin America with $500M in assets under management, and he held executive roles at Google, Youtube, Microsoft, and Yahoo! before his foray into venture capital.

Aug. 6, 2021

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Understanding VC is a deep dive on how Venture Capitalists work. In this episode, I talk to Olivier Raussin, Co-Founder and Manag…

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