Understanding VC

Understanding VC is a deep dive on how Venture Capitalists work. The focus of the show is to provide entrepreneurs and technology enthusiasts experiential and actionable insights to have a collegial work relationship with VCs. 

Who should watch Understanding VC?

Founders and Technologists looking to raise capital or who have raised funds to scale.

What will you learn from Understanding VC?

  • What VCs look for in a Startup

  • Learn how to successfully pitch and raise capital

  • How VCs are incentivised: The cause and effect on your decision making

  • Expectation and reality of a working relationship with your VC

About the Hosts

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I love building startups and also supporting other founders build their startups.

As a founder, I have spent time working with a VC and from my experience, I feel that there is a lack of clarity or communication gap among founders and VCs, on expectations vs. reality. 

With Understanding VC, I aim to address this; cover insights like what a VC wants from a founder to how they are incentivised.

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Bhumika Singh