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Nathan Beckord

CEO at Foundersuite

Nathan Beckord is the CEO of a venture-backed company that makes the leading “funding stack” (investor database, CRM, pitch deck hosting, and Investor Update tools) for startups raising capital. Since launching in 2016, users have raised over $3 Bln in seed and venture capital.

Prior to starting Foundersuite, Nathan spent ten years working with over 150 startups as interim CFO, Business Developer, and Advisor. Nathan has an MBA in Entrepreneurship, a BSC in Finance, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). In his free time, he enjoys sailing, traveling, and riding motorcycles.

April 12, 2022

Deep Dive: Startup fundraising with Nathan Beckord

Understanding VC is a deep dive on how Venture Capitalists work. In this episode, I talk with Nathan Beckord, Founder and CEO at …

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