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Mark Ghermezian

Founder and General Partner at m]x[v Capital

Mark Ghermezian is a serial entrepreneur and successful investor with 20+ years of experience in founding, building, and investing in early-stage SaaS startups. Before becoming the Founder and General Partner at m]x[v Capital, Mark co-founded Braze (BRZE) and led the company as its founding CEO, pioneering a new category from ideation to IPO (Braze IPO’d in November 2021). As an angel investor, Mark was an early investor in companies such as Nutanix, Lattice, Thoughtspot, Rubrik, and Riskified, along with 50 other investments, largely focused on SaaS. Experiencing several IPOs, unicorns, and successful exits. At m]x[v Capital, Mark is proud to be a mentor to his founders and entrepreneurs, offering his experience and expertise to help their companies find the same success.

Sept. 29, 2022

UVC: Mark Ghermezian from m]x[v Capital on his operator focus approac…

Understanding VC is a deep-dive on how venture capitalists work. In this episode, I speak to Mark Ghermezian, Founder and General…

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