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Hsu Ken Ooi

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Iterative

Hsu Ken is the Founder and General Partner at Iterative, a YC-style accelerator focused exclusively on Southeast Asia. Before that, he was the Chief Product Officer of Workmate, an on-demand blue collar staffing platform in Southeast Asia. In 2014, he was VP of Product at Weave (YCS14). In 2009, he started Decide.com an early machine learning company that predicted the future price of consumer goods. It was acquired by eBay in 2013. Hsu Ken has a BS in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Washington.

Aug. 13, 2021

UVC: Hsu Ken from Iterative VC on his journey as a founder, importanc…

Understanding VC is a deep dive on how Venture Capitalists work. In this episode, I talk to Hsu Ken Ooi, Co-Founder and Managing …

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