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Tu Ngo

General Partner at Touchstone Partners

Tu believes everyone has an inner potential but opportunities are not equally distributed, hence as a startup founder, VC investor and community builder, she wants to build solutions to enable especially young people, entrepreneurs and women to grow their skillsets and lead their own lives. She's the co-founder and Chairwoman of YOLA, a leading online-offline English education services company in Vietnam and the founding General Partner of Touchstone Partners, an early-stage US$ 50 mil VC fund focusing on Vietnam with interests in education, healthcare, consumer tech, hardware and climate action related solutions.

Oct. 20, 2021

UVC: Tu Ngo from Touchstone Partners on her first startup YOLA, her j…

Understanding VC is a deep dive on how Venture Capitalists work. In this episode, I talk to Tu Ngo, the Founder and Chairperson o…

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