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Dave Richards

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Capria Ventures

Dave is an experienced entrepreneur, operating executive, and venture capital investor. He co-founded Capria Ventures in 2012 and has since made 60+ investments in early- and early-growth tech startups across the Global South -- India, SE Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

Previously, Dave led Unitus Group, a leading early venture catalyst and capital investor in microfinance in the Global South. He has also held business operating leadership roles with RealNetworks, Sybase, and Symantec managing large global teams and building multiple zero to $100M technology-led businesses in digital media, databases, and business productivity tools.

Dave received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia.

March 1, 2023

UVC: Dave Richards from Capria Ventures on their unique VC fund and f…

In the latest episode of the Understanding VC podcast, Dave Richards, Managing Partner at Capria Ventures, provides insights on Capria's unique approach of functioning as both a VC fund and a fund of funds. He discusses the advantages of this …

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